Volunteering with Chimpanzees in Uganda (18+ years)

In Africa, animal species face grave threats such as illegal hunting and habitat destruction, and it is crucial to reverse this situation urgently. This project is located on a small island in Lake Victoria, home to a sanctuary for chimpanzees. These magnificent primates come from various locations in Uganda, and here they receive the care they need for their survival. For 2 weeks or more, participants in this project will assist in food preparation and feeding, conduct guided tours of the island to raise awareness among tourists and locals about the pressing need to protect chimpanzees, engage in tree planting activities, and contribute to the cultural aspect of the project.  This project is truly special, offering a unique and enriching experience. Not only will participants play a vital role in the well-being of the chimpanzees, but they will also have an incredible opportunity for learning and personal growth. Join us in this remarkable journey, where you will not only contribute to the preservation of endangered species but also gain invaluable knowledge about conservation efforts and make a lasting impact. Together, we can make a difference and protect the natural heritage of Africa.

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