Chad: Expedition to some of the most Beautiful Rock Art in the Sahara

David has been organising trips to northern Chad since the mid 1990s, sometimes to document new sites and sometimes to lead safari groups. Because of the large distances involved and issues of accessibility, we normally recommend the Ennedi as the optimum destination for a 2-3 week Sahara Safari. It is sometimes possible to charter a flight to the Ennedi, depending on availability. The Ennedi is a 17000 sq mile desert wilderness in the north east of Chad, consisting of eroded sandstone mountains, canyons, amazing rock formations, painted caves, giant rock arches and monoliths the size of New York skyscrapers. The Ennedi’s rock paintings and engravings open windows into the region’s distant past, revealing a time when the area supported large human populations with sophisticated cultures, as well as wildlife, thousands of years ago.

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