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"Travel is an investment in yourself" is the quote that has inspired me for many years now, and I love to share my knowledge with others as I believe travelling truly is one of the best ways to experience life. I am passionate about tailoring your memorable trip to New Zealand, the beautiful country I am honoured to live in for 5 years now. Since a young age, I had itchy feet and was interested in discovering the world. Meeting people from different cultures, learning foreign languages, and exploring different types of landscapes led me to choose tourism as my career, after studying international relations at university and travelling around Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

I specialize mainly in self-guided tours all over New Zealand, designing unique itineraries where every part of the trip has been created individually to suit your style, taste, and budget. I like to show my travelers the hospitality of the locals and I select unique boutique accommodations, cozy B&Bs, and luxury lodges that will stay inyour memory. I will custom tailor all types of travels, from romantic, active/adventure, wildlife, scenic, and wellness to golf trips - you name it! I will assist you during your trip, and make your dream experience in New Zealand come true.

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Travel Ideas

Discover the Splendours of New Zealand's South Island on a 16-Day Adventure

Embark on a 16-day journey through New Zealand's South Island, where each day promises a new adventure and a wealth of unforgettable moments.

Canterbury: British Elegance and Outdoor Wonders Christchurch, steeped in British influence, marks the starting point of your 100% South Island adventure. Stroll through parks, admire Victorian architecture, and explore the vibrant university and cathedral. Christchurch offers activities for all ages and serves as a gateway to outdoor marvels within a two-hour radius. From whale watching in Kaikoura to a touch of French atmosphere in Akaroa, the Canterbury region promises a diverse range of experiences.

Picton - Marlborough: Your Gateway to Beauty Your journey continues in the charming region of Marlborough, accessed either by ferry or by crossing Cook Strait. Picton, with its breath-taking surroundings, serves as the perfect base for exploring Queen Charlotte Track or indulging in wine tastings at the renowned Marlborough vineyards. Immerse yourself in nature or savour the exquisite flavours of local wines – the choice is yours.

West Coast: Nature's Drama Unfolds Embrace the dramatic landscapes of the West Coast. Spanning a distance longer than the journey from Auckland to Wellington, the West Coast boasts Punakaiki, a spectacular stop along the way. Experience the thrill of a helicopter drop on a glacier or a guided walk amidst crevasses – a truly captivating adventure. Spend two nights to fully immerse yourself in this enchanting region.

Mt Cook - Mackenzie Country: A Feast for the Senses Don't rush through one of our favourite regions! Tekapo, known for its iconic church by a turquoise lake, offers starry nights with unparalleled views of the Milky Way. Mt Cook, standing at 3754m, caters to climbers and casual walkers alike. Discover secret spots overlooked by tourist guides and delve into this stunning region.

Fiordland: Where Time Takes a Backseat Not all roads lead to Milford Sound, and for a reason. The almost 650km journey from Queenstown to Milford Sound and back to Wanaka deserves at least 3 nights to truly appreciate its beauty. For those short on time, a scenic flight from Wanaka is a great alternative. Fiordland and Te Anau offer incredible holiday experiences, especially for hikers exploring the Routeburn, Milford, Hollyford, and Kepler tracks.

Central Otago: Wanaka and Queenstown Extravaganza Wanaka, with its unique identity, is a must-stop destination. From the mesmerizing lake to the southernmost vineyards, experience a vibrant city life year-round. And then comes Queenstown, a haven for adrenaline junkies. Skydiving, bungy jumping, jet boating, paragliding – if you seek thrills, this is the place. For those who prefer a quieter experience, escape to the outskirts and enjoy the beauty without the bustle.

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Embark on a 16-Day Adventure Across New Zealand's North and South Islands

AUCKLAND - The Gateway to Wonder Auckland consistently ranks among the world's top 10 places to live for a reason. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the West and the Tasman Sea to the East, it offers diverse experiences. Walk across the CBD in an hour or drive to the wild beaches of the Waitakere Ranges. A short boat ride transports you to the paradise island of Waiheke.

BAY OF PLENTY - ROTORUA - Geothermal Marvels and Sandy Shores Rotorua, the North Island's most visited site, showcases geothermal wonders akin to Iceland. For a splendid show, explore White Island and Rotorua, venturing beyond the city centre. Magnificent white sandy beaches in the Bay of Plenty offer views of the active volcanic site. A scenic three-hour drive from Auckland leads to Rotorua, where we recommend a two to three-night stay.

TAUPO - TONGARIRO - Adventure Awaits in Nature's Playground Lake Taupo, known for adrenaline tourism, rivals Queenstown in the South. Explore the "Hidden Valley" of Orakei Korako, off the beaten track. Geothermal enthusiasts shouldn’t  miss the volcanic Centre and a thrilling jet boating experience at Huka Falls. Tongariro National Park boasts breath-taking landscapes with three distinct volcanoes. A plane flyover reveals Mt Ruapehu's smoking turquoise crater lake.

MARTINBOROUGH - WAIRARAPA - WELLINGTON - Undiscovered Gems and Coastal Charms Wellington might be the most overlooked city, but it's a treasure trove of urban diversity. Just an hour's drive away, Martinborough captivates with vineyards and attractive hotel deals. Explore the spectacular coastline along Cape Palliser and Lake Wairarapa, where a seal colony awaits nature lovers.

CANTERBURY - Christchurch's British Elegance and Outdoor Delights Christchurch, the Commonwealth-influenced city, is the starting point for South Island journeys. Enjoy British elegance in parks, Victorian buildings, and university surroundings. Outdoor activities within two hours include beaches, whale watching in Kaikoura, and the French atmosphere of Akaroa. Experience a small ski resort, hot springs, and well-being in Hanmer Springs, with larger ski areas around Methven.

MT COOK - MACKENZIE COUNTRY - Stargazing and Alpine Wonders Don't rush through Tekapo, known for its iconic church and world-famous starry nights. The observatory, free from city lights, offers unparalleled views of the Milky Way. Mt Cook, at 3754m, caters to climbers and casual walkers. Explore secret addresses overlooked by tourist guides in this enchanting region.

FIORDLAND - Discovering Nature's Masterpiece Fiordland, a must-see for hikers, unfolds its beauty over 650km, from Queenstown to Milford Sound and back to Wanaka. Allow at least 3 nights for a comprehensive discovery. For time-pressed travellers, a flight from Wanaka to Milford Sound is a great option. Fiordland and Te Anau offer unforgettable experiences, including Routeburn track and Milford track.

CENTRAL OTAGO - Wanaka's Charms and Queenstown's Thrills Wanaka, a mandatory stay, offers a unique identity with its lake, vineyards, and vibrant city life. Queenstown, a haven for adrenaline junkies, tempts with skydiving, bungy jumping, and more. For a quieter experience, explore the outskirts and enjoy the natural beauty out of the bustling city centre.

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Experience the Best of New Zealand's North Island in 11 Unforgettable Days

Embark on an 11-day adventure through New Zealand's North Island, where every day promises a new discovery and unforgettable experiences.

Auckland - The City of Sails Explore the vibrant heart of New Zealand's largest city, Auckland, which consistently ranks among the world's top 10 cities to live in. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea, Auckland offers a unique blend of urban excitement and natural wonders. Take a leisurely stroll through the CBD or venture to the wild beaches of the Waitakere Ranges, the backdrop for the iconic movie "The Piano”. A short boat ride to Waiheke Island unveils a small paradise waiting to be discovered.

Bay of Plenty - Rotorua - Geothermal Marvels Discover the allure of two neighbouring gems: the Bay of Plenty and Rotorua. While Rotorua attracts international visitors with its captivating geothermal wonders, the Bay of Plenty boasts magnificent white sandy beaches with panoramic views of White Island, one of New Zealand's most active volcanic sites. Embrace the geothermal show at "Hidden Valley" (Orakei Korako) and experience the adrenaline rush by jet boating at Huka Falls. A scenic three-hour drive from Auckland, Rotorua beckons you to indulge in its unique charm for two to three nights.

Taupo - Tongariro - Adventure Awaits Lake Taupo, renowned for adrenaline-fueled adventures, is the Northern counterpart to Queenstown. Delve into the geothermal wonders of "Hidden Valley" and enjoy family-friendly attractions at the volcanic centre. Jet boating at Huka Falls adds a splash of excitement, while Tongariro National Park showcases three breath-taking volcanoes. Experience the thrill of a plane flyover to witness Mt Ruapehu's smoking turquoise crater lake. Winter enthusiasts can hit the slopes at one of the three ski resorts nestled on Tongariro's slopes.

Martinborough - Wairarapa - Wellington Venture into the under-explored beauty of Martinborough and Wairarapa, just an hour's drive from Wellington. While Wellington may be the most overlooked city, it offers a diverse urban experience and multiple points of interest. A short drive away, Martinborough awaits with its charming vineyards and attractive hotel deals, perfectly paired with local wines. Extend your journey to the spectacular coastline along Cape Palliser and Lake Wairarapa, and don't miss the chance to greet the local Cape Palliser seal colony — a true delight for nature enthusiasts.

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