Panoramic Panama

Experience the best of Panama with our exciting 3-week self-drive tour, starting and ending in Panama City. From coast to coast, immerse yourself in lush tropical nature, indigenous culture, and secluded dream beaches. Your journey begins in the vibrant city of Panama City, where you'll explore the fascinating mix of history and modernity. From there, you'll venture into the lush jungle of Gamboa, home to a variety of exotic wildlife, and visit the stunning El Valle volcanic crater. Continuing on to the picturesque villages of Azuero, you'll discover the region's rich cultural heritage and witness traditional crafts being made. You'll also visit the beautiful Isla Iguana, famous for its crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches. In the cool mountain air of Boquete, you'll breathe in the fresh mountain air and explore the region's famous coffee plantations. You'll then head to the Caribbean coast and the breath-taking Bocas del Toro archipelago, where you can relax on the sandy shores of Red Frog Beach and experience the vibrant culture of the region. Finally, you'll return to Panama City and explore the historic Casco Antiguo, a UNESCO World Heritage site filled with stunning colonial architecture and vibrant street life. With so many amazing highlights and experiences, this self-drive tour is the perfect way to discover the best of Panama at your own pace.

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