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Travel has always been a cherished dream of mine, a spark ignited by a poignant verse from Álvaro de Campos, the celebrated heteronym of Fernando Pessoa, Portugal's literary icon. His words, 'The best way to travel is to feel. To feel everything in every way,' resonated deeply with me and became my travel mantra. This profound passion for exploration evolved into a love affair with my homeland, Portugal. It sparked a compelling question: Why not share this love with others? Why not guide them in discovering the rich tapestry of Portugal's culture and identity? Thus began my adventure as a travel expert, weaving together my deep-seated love for travel and the vibrant culture of Portugal. My mission is to craft personalised itineraries that transcend conventional tourism, offering a gateway into the heart of Portugal. Every itinerary I design is a narrative of Portugal's soul, a journey beyond the typical tourist paths, inviting you to experience the distinct flavours, sights, and sounds of our incredible country. Despite its modest size, Portugal is a treasure trove of experiences, from the verdant north to the sun-kissed south. Join me in this enchanting exploration of Portugal. Let's embark on a journey where you don't just visit places; you feel them, live them, and carry a piece of Portugal in your heart forever.

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Travel Ideas

The Ultimate Azorean Journey: A 15-Day Adventure

Day 1: Arrival in Ponta Delgada

  • Welcome to São Miguel. Arrive at Ponta Delgada airport and be greeted with warm hospitality. Receive necessary documents and assistance, followed by a comfortable transfer to your downtown hotel. Take the day to relax, explore the city, and prepare for the adventures ahead.

Day 2: Sete Cidades and Fogo Lakes Jeep Tour

  • Discover Paradise! Embark on a full-day jeep tour exploring Sete Cidades and Fogo Lakes. Capture the mesmerizing Blue and Green Lagoons, visit the Fire Lake, and witness breath-taking waterfalls like Salto do Cabrito. Return to your hotel for a well-deserved rest.

Day 3: Furnas Jeep Tour

  • Immerse in Nature! Uncover the wonders of Furnas on a full-day jeep tour. Visit a tea plantation, explore Furnas volcano's interior, and savour Cozido das Furnas, a unique dish cooked in volcanic fumaroles. Relax in thermal waters before heading to Vila Franca do Campo.

Day 4: Nordeste Tour

  • Discover the historic Nordeste, known for beautiful gardens and viewpoints. Visit Ribeira dos Caldeirões waterfall, explore Tronqueira, and marvel at the Azores bullfinch. Lunch in Povoação, with stunning views from Salto do Cavalo.

Day 5: Whale and Dolphin Watching

  • Nature's Symphony! Embark on a 3-hour whale and dolphin watching adventure along the South coast. Witness diverse marine life, including turtles and seabirds, creating unforgettable moments in the Azorean seas.

Day 6: Flight to Faial Island

  • Board a flight to Faial, known for its hydrangea-covered landscapes. Explore Horta, the Botanical Garden, and witness Europe’s last erupting volcano, the Capelinhos. Faial, the Blue Island, awaits.

Day 7: Faial Island - Jeep Tour

  • Discover Faial's Beauty! Tour Faial, exploring its capital, Horta, and visiting the Capelinhos Volcano. Witness the island's unique landscapes, including the stunning Caldeira crater. Faial's blue hydrangeas and captivating scenery will leave you in awe.

Day 8: Pico Island - Pico Climbing

  • Conquer Portugal's Highest Peak! Ferry to Pico Island and climb Pico Mountain, the country's highest point. Marvel at the panoramic views of up to five surrounding islands during this challenging and rewarding experience.

Day 9: São Jorge Tour

  • Explore the Fajãs! Take a ferry to São Jorge and embark on a tour exploring the island's unique fajãs. Enjoy São Jorge cheese and a lunch cooked in nature. Return to Faial in the evening.

Day 10: Flight to Flores

  • Farewell to Faial, Hello Flores! Bid farewell to Faial and board a flight to Flores, known for its captivating waterfalls, lakes, and natural beauty. A driver will take you to your accommodation.

Day 11: Tour in Flores

  • Discover Flores' Beauty! Explore Flores Island, visiting beautiful viewpoints, waterfalls like Poço do Bacalhau, and the mesmerizing lakes. The tour includes Rocha dos Bordões, a main reference of the island.

Day 12: Discover Corvo Island – Full Day

  • Explore the Smallest Azorean Island! Journey to Corvo Island by boat, marvel at the landscapes, visit Caldeirão, and savour the tranquillity. Enjoy your time exploring before returning to Flores.

Day 13: Flight to São Miguel island

  • Depart Flores and fly back to São Miguel. Upon arrival, a driver will transfer you to your hotel. Check-in and explore Ponta Delgada at your leisure.

Day 14: Canyoning in São Miguel

  • Adventure Awaits! Enjoy an adrenaline-pumping day of canyoning, exploring mountain waterfalls and natural pools. Return to your hotel after this thrilling activity.

Day 15: Departure

  • Farewell to the Azores! Check out and bid adeus to the Azores. A short ride takes you to Ponta Delgada airport, concluding your 15-day Azorean journey.
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Portugal Unveiled: A 14-Day Journey through Time & Beauty

  • Welcome to Portugal!
  • In just 14 days, delve deep into the essence of Portugal: its diverse landscapes, hidden historical gems, and above all, the warm embrace of its people. 
  • Touch down at Lisbon Airport and let your adventure begin. En route to Porto, make a stop at Óbidos, where medieval charm comes to life. Once in Porto, the capital of the north, meander through its enchanting streets, filled with history and impressive monuments.
  • To truly understand Northern Portugal, you must witness one of its crown jewels: the Douro Valley. Its breath-taking natural beauty, combined with the tantalizing flavours and aromas of the world-famous Port wine, promise an unforgettable experience.
  • Your voyage continues to Aveiro, often dubbed the 'Venice of Portugal', and the historically rich city of Coimbra, a hub of academia for centuries.
  • As you head south, the 'museum city' of Évora eagerly awaits, ready to share its myriad secrets. After days of discovery, the sun-kissed beaches of the Algarve beckon. Here, mesmerizing rock formations stand sentinel beside golden sands, offering a haven of relaxation and indulgence.
  • On your return to Lisbon, take a scenic detour through Arrábida Natural Park, a serene oasis near the capital. As your Portuguese escapade nears its end, immerse yourself in the lively streets of Lisbon, a city that once launched legendary voyages, charting unknown worlds. Cap off your trip with the romantic allure of Sintra, a town that seems plucked from fairy tales.
  • In Portugal, you'll always feel right at home!

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Experience Portugal: Porto, Lisbon and more in 8 Days

Day 1 – Arrival in Lisbon, Nazaré & Travel to Porto Begin your adventure with a warm reception at the airport, receiving all necessary documentation and assistance. Your driver awaits to whisk you away to Porto, but not before a thrilling stop at Nazaré. This coastal haven, with its mild climate and ancient fishing traditions, sets the stage for the wonders that await. Nazaré's breath-taking beach, famed for colossal waves and vibrant surf culture, offers a captivating start to your Portuguese odyssey.

Day 2 - Porto Walking Tour / Porto Wine Lodges Unveil the secrets of this mystical city with a walking tour through its enchanting streets. From the iconic S. Bento railway station to the historic Clérigos Tower, each step reveals Porto's unique charm. After a leisurely lunch and free afternoon, delve into the world of Port wine with a visit to a riverside lodge. Sip and savour the rich history of this celebrated beverage before returning to your haven to recharge for the next day.

Day 3 - Day Trip to Douro Valley Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Douro Valley! Immerse yourself in the picturesque landscapes of terraced vineyards and the meandering Douro River. Delve into the history of winemaking at a family-run estate, home to century-old vineyards producing award-winning wines. Your journey continues to a prestigious 17th-century winery, culminating in a wine-tasting experience paired with a delightful traditional lunch. Revel in the flavours that changed the course of history for this remarkable region.

Day 4 - Travel from Porto to Lisbon, via Tomar and Óbidos Tomar, Óbidos, and the Road to Lisbon! Bid farewell to Porto and embark on a scenic journey. Discover the Templar City of Tomar, with its medieval charm and historic treasures. Savour unique dining experiences before reaching captivating Óbidos, a medieval town surrounded by imposing walls. Your journey concludes in Lisbon, where you check in and indulge in well-deserved rest or explore the city's vibrant atmosphere.

Day 5 - Lisbon Walking Tour and Fado Dinner Seven Hills, Countless Stories! Lace up your comfortable shoes for a full-day walking tour through Lisbon's seven hills. From Rossio to Alfama, delve into the tales of this historic city, visiting landmarks like Lisbon Cathedral and St. George’s Castle. After a leisurely lunch, head to Belém, a quarter steeped in Portuguese maritime history. The day concludes with a Fado dinner, an immersive cultural experience you won't forget.

Day 6 - Day Trip to Sintra Sintra's Romantic Allure! Explore Sintra's enchanting palaces and historical centre on a day trip filled with choice and flexibility. Whether you opt for Pena Palace, Quinta da Regaleira, or another gem, the day unfolds at your pace. Visit Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of Europe, before strolling through the picturesque town of Cascais. Return to Lisbon for an evening of relaxation or optional dining.

Day 7 - Day Trip to Évora Discover Évora's Timeless Elegance! Venture to Évora, capital of the Alentejo, where history whispers through Roman ruins and medieval streets. UNESCO-listed for its architectural richness, Évora captivates with its golden age tales. Wander the narrow Moorish streets, marvel at the Roman Temple, and contemplate the Chapel of Bones. After the tour, return to Lisbon for an evening of reflection and farewell.

Day 8 - Departure Adeus  Portugal! Bid farewell to Lisbon with cherished memories. After checking out, a brief ride takes you to the airport. As you depart, carry the essence of Portugal with you, a treasure trove of experiences and the warmth of its people.

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Experience Azores: A 1 Week Journey of Discovery on São Miguel Island

Day 1: Arrival in Ponta Delgada Welcome to São Miguel Island! Arrive at Ponta Delgada airport, where you'll be greeted with all necessary documentation and assistance. A comfortable transfer will take you to your city hotel. Check-in, drop off luggage, and explore the nearby restaurants and cultural attractions. 

Day 2: Sete Cidades and Fogo Lakes Embark on a full-day jeep tour exploring the stunning Sete Cidades and Fogo Lakes. Capture the breath-taking Blue and Green Lagoons, visit the Fire Lake with its dormant volcano, and marvel at pristine waterfalls like Salto do Cabrito and Caldeira Velha. 

Day 3: Furnas Discover Furnas in a full-day jeep tour. Visit a tea plantation, explore the Furnas volcano's interior, and witness the unique Cozido das Furnas being cooked in the fumaroles. Indulge in the thermal waters at Poça Dona Beija or Terra Nostra Park before heading to Vila Franca do Campo. 

Day 4: Canyoning in São Miguel Experience the thrill of canyoning! Pick up at your hotel, bring a bathing suit and towel, and have fun jumping, sliding, and rappelling around mountain waterfalls. 

Day 5: Nordeste Tour Embark on a tour to Nordeste, the oldest part of São Miguel. Explore beautiful gardens, visit the Ribeira dos Caldeirões waterfall, and discover the rare Azores bullfinch bird in Tronqueira. Enjoy lunch in Povoação with stunning views from Salto do Cavalo. Return to the hotel to rest before dinner. 

Day 6: Whale and Dolphin Watching Morning adventure! Discover the South coast of São Miguel, watching dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. Taste local flavours and visit a unique nature reserve during this 3-hour activity. 

Day 7: Snorkelling in Azores Explore the underwater wonders of the Azores archipelago with a 3-hour snorkelling adventure. Learn techniques from guides and enjoy the marine life in a natural environment. 

Day 8: Departure Bid farewell to São Miguel. After checking out, a 15-minute ride will take you to Ponta Delgada airport. Say adeus to this breath-taking island!

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Wonders of Madeira: A 7-Day Adventure

Join us in discovering the heart of Madeira, where every day unfolds with new wonders and adventures

Day 1: Arrival in Funchal 

Embark on your Madeira journey with a warm welcome at Funchal airport. Our attentive staff will provide all necessary documentation and guide you to your downtown hotel. Take a leisurely stroll, immerse yourself in local culture, and prepare for the exciting days ahead.

Day 2: Jeep Adventure in Eastern Madeira

Embark on a thrilling jeep tour through the East side of Madeira. Explore Pico do Areeiro, Ribeiro Frio, the charming straw-roofed houses of Santana, Porto da Cruz with its rum factory, and the picturesque Caniçal. Return to Funchal for a restful night.

Day 3: Levada Hiking and Canyoning

Dive into nature with a captivating levada hiking tour, revealing the island's stunning landscapes. Afterwards, brace yourself for an afternoon of canyoning: jump, slide, and rappel around magnificent waterfalls. Rest at your hotel or explore Funchal on your own.

Day 4: Western Madeira Jeep Expedition

Embark on a private jeep tour exploring the western wonders of Madeira. Witness the awe-inspiring Girão Cape, Paul da Serra's vast plateau, and Porto Moniz's natural rock pools. Marvel at the lush greenery and crystalline blue sea along the route.

Day 5: Madeira Wine Tour

Indulge in a full-day wine tour, discovering the rich heritage of Madeira's wines. Visit local wine producers, explore the UNESCO-awarded Laurissilva forest, and savour a traditional lunch paired with exquisite local wines. Return to your hotel for a well-deserved rest.

Day 6: Desert Islands Catamaran Tour

Embark on a full-day catamaran tour to the stunning Ilhas Desertas. Experience the untouched beauty of these islands through stand-up paddle, snorkelling, and a delectable Madeiran buffet lunch. Revel in this natural paradise before your last night in Funchal.

Day 7: Departure

Bid farewell to Madeira with a Desert Islands adventure. After checking out, a short ride takes you to Funchal airport. Say adeus to this enchanting island, leaving with memories of a truly unforgettable experience.

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