Bird Diversity of Colombia

Colombia is known as the country with the greatest diversity of bird species worldwide! This is due to the richness of the neotropical avifauna, as well as the diversity of ecosystems. In Colombia, you can find vast stretches of untouched Amazonian rainforest in the southeast and fascinating Llanos swamps in the northeast. The Andes mountains run through the country near Bogota, and in the west, the Choco region transitions into the Pacific rainforest. The Caribbean-influenced north also offers numerous natural experiences. During this journey, we'll observe over 400 bird species, along with various species of mammals, indigenous cultures, and abundant biodiversity. We'll focus on the eastern part of this beautiful country and explore the incredibly diverse Amazonian rainforest, where we'll observe a large number of splendid birds such as hummingbirds, trogons, and tanagers. We'll also have the opportunity to photograph many of the birds we encounter along the way. For those with enough time, we highly recommend extending the trip to visit one of the best areas of the famous Llanos swamps and gain insight into the world of the high Andes with its cloud forests and highlands. Join us for an unforgettable journey through Colombia's diverse and stunning natural beauty.

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