Unforgettable Mountain Biking Adventure in Bhutan

Day 1: Arrival in Paro - Ease into Bhutan Upon your arrival, acquaint yourself with Paro through a leisurely acclimation ride. Explore the town, visit the National Museum and Rinpung Dzong, all while acclimatizing to the altitude.

Day 2: Tiger's Nest (Taktsang Monastery) - Legends & Landscapes Experience Bhutan's iconic Tiger's Nest Monastery after breakfast. The exhilarating ride to its trailhead is a journey in itself. Return to Paro, enriched by legends and stunning vistas.

Day 3: Bumdrak - Peaks & Prayers Bumdrak beckons for a hike, offering breath-taking panoramas of Paro valley and the Himalayas. The summit is adorned with colourful prayer flags and chortens. The day’s triumph is followed by a restful stay in Paro.

Day 4: Thimphu Sightseeing - Capital Charms Ride to Thimphu, where the National Memorial Chorten, Buddha Dordenma statue, and Tashichho Dzong greet you. Explore Bhutan's capital and savour its cultural richness.

Day 5: Dodeydra - Nature's Embrace Venture on a scenic ride to Dodeydra, where nature's tranquillity reigns. Enjoy a summit picnic amidst pristine surroundings, capturing moments of serenity.

Day 6: Lungchutse - Peaks in Dawn’s Embrace Start your day early with a ride to Dochula Pass, and a subsequent hike to Lungchutse. Mountain vistas and a sense of accomplishment are your rewards.

Day 7: Hokatsho - River Confluence Punakha Dzong echoes with history. The Hokatsho hike offers scenic beauty. Experience Bhutan's essence with every stride.

Day 8: Punakha Sightseeing - Time Travel Chimi Lhakhang and Wangdue Phodrang Dzong tell tales of Bhutan's heritage. Your return journey to Paro is an immersion in natural beauty.

Day 9: Paro Sightseeing - Echoes of Eternity Begin with Kyichu Lhakhang, a temple of timelessness. Walk amidst Drukgyel Dzong’s ruins. Stroll through Paro town, observing the local ways of life.

Day 10: Tiger's Nest - Journey's Peak Hike to the iconic Tiger's Nest once more, capturing its magnificence from a different angle. Visit Kyichu Lhakhang, absorbing Bhutan’s spiritual essence.

Day 11: Departure - Farewell Bhutan After breakfast, carry the memories of your Bhutanese adventure as you head to Paro International Airport for your departure.

Mountain biking through Bhutan offers a unique perspective on its culture and landscapes. Traverse this stunning land on two wheels and create memories to cherish forever.

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