Discover Colombia's Interior: A Scenic Two-Week Adventure

Embark on a captivating two-week journey that takes you through Colombia's enchanting interior. This scenic trip combines the allure of two dynamic cities, Bogotá and Medellín, with the natural wonders of the Colombian Highlands, Río Claro Nature Reserve, and the hidden gem of Sierra Nevada del Cocuy National Park. This unique itinerary blends the best of Colombia's natural and cultural wonders.

Begin your adventure in Bogotá, where you'll wander through the historic streets of La Candelaria and soak in its colonial heritage.

Your journey then leads you to the Colombian Highlands, where you'll discover charming colonial villages frozen in time. The cobblestone streets, local traditions, and captivating landscapes create a truly immersive experience.

Next, set your sights on El Cocuy National Park, a remote paradise for adventurers. Whether you're a mountaineer, hiker, or simply seeking the beauty of untouched nature, El Cocuy's glaciers, waterfalls, and pristine lakes offer a breath-taking escape.

After your wilderness exploration, you'll find yourself in the vibrant city of Medellín. Here, cultural attractions, nightlife, and diverse dining options await your discovery.

Continue your journey to the Río Claro Nature Reserve, a protected tropical rainforest offering a range of activities amidst lush greenery and exotic wildlife.

Finally, conclude your adventure in Guatapé, known for its colourful charm and the iconic La Piedra Rock, offering panoramic views of the surrounding region.

This two-week expedition through Colombia's interior promises a diverse blend of landscapes, cultures, and adventures. Embrace the lesser-known treasures of Colombia's great outdoors and create lasting memories on this remarkable journey. Book your trip today and uncover the hidden gems of Colombia's interior.

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