Explore Brazil in 11 Days: From the Amazon to Salvador da Bahia

Embark on an 11-day Brazilian adventure starting in Manaus, the Amazon gateway. Discover the cultural marvel that is the Manaus Opera House, and then and journey to your accommodation, the Amazon Lodge, witnessing the awe-inspiring "Meeting of the Waters."

In the heart of the jungle, indulge in sunrise birdwatching and nocturnal cayman-spotting. Engage in cultural immersion, exploring native dwellings and traditional practices. Bid farewell to the Amazon after encountering the colossal Pirarucu fish.

Fly to Salvador, a hub of Afro-Brazilian culture, staying at a nice hotel in the centre. Explore Pelourinho's colonial charm, attend a mesmerizing dance performance, and savor dinner in its heart.

Continue to Praia do Forte for historical marvels and the TAMAR Project's sea turtle conservation, and enjoy the pristine beaches.

Your 11-day journey promises a symphony of cultural richness, natural wonders, and unforgettable moments. Brazil awaits your exploration.

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