Elephant Project in Namibia (17+ years)

In Africa, wildlife faces numerous threats: hunting, overpopulation, and habitat loss. Conservation projects play a vital role in protecting these species. In this project, participants will have the opportunity to make a real difference. For 2 weeks or more, you will be involved in feeding and caring for the elephants, ensuring their well-being. Your efforts will also contribute to data collection for further research, aiding in the understanding and preservation of these magnificent creatures. By joining anti-poaching patrols, you will actively participate in the prevention of illegal hunting, safeguarding the wildlife. Planting trees and essential vegetation for the animals' habitat will play a crucial role in their survival. Equally important, you will engage with local communities, raising awareness about the importance of wildlife protection. This experience offers a unique opportunity to connect with Africa's incredible biodiversity while making a positive impact on conservation efforts. Your dedication and contributions will help secure a future for these precious species.

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